EdgeRouter X setup for TPG FTTB PPPoE

I recently moved to Australia and while I wasn't fortunate enough to find a place with true NBN connectivity, my apartment does have TBG FTTB which isn't too shabby.


However, TPG's support leaves a lot of room for improvement. Firstly, you are forced to pay $10 and use a TP Link VR1600v to get your VDSL2 connection to the fiber termination somewhere in the building. What I didn't like however. was the double NAT taking place and I'm certain that the EdgeRouter X performs better under load than the TP Link device. Luckily enough, the ERX is flexible enough to allow for putting the VR1600v into bridge mode and then enabling a PPPoE connection on the ERX.

It was really quite straightforward:

  • MTU: 1492
  • user-id: THis is your TPG account email address
  • password: I found this by logging into the admin interface of my VR1600v, the default username/pw is admin/admin

Here's my full config for my eth4 interface which goes to a port on the VR1600V and thus handles the PPPoE connection.

You'll notice as well that I have some configuration for IPv6 but it doesn't look like TPG supports it just yet.

edgerouter-x# show interfaces ethernet eth4
 description "Internet (PPPoE)"
 duplex auto
 pppoe 0 {
     default-route auto
     dhcpv6-pd {
         pd 0 {
             interface switch0 {
                 host-address ::1
                 prefix-id :1
                 service slaac
             prefix-length /60
         rapid-commit enable
     firewall {
         in {
             ipv6-name WANv6_IN
             name WAN_IN
         local {
             ipv6-name WANv6_LOCAL
             name WAN_LOCAL
     mtu 1492
     name-server auto
     user-id [email protected]
 speed auto